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We are on the look out for samba bands, ethnic bands and high school marching bands, steel pan bands, big band bands, gay marching bands, goblins and ghouls, gamelons, New Orleans jazz bands, Mexican marching bands and African and Caribbean drum and dance groups just to name the sorts of things of interest to us. Also, big performance groups, dance troupes and anyone who can create a spectacle for the millions of people that line the parade route are welcome to register here.

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Important Note for Amplified Bands: There are NO stages and NO private vehicles allowed in the parade

Bands and groups that need elaborate sound systems need NOT apply since there are no stages and no electricity along the parade route and private vehicles with bands on board are NOT allowed in the parade. While there are floats in the parade with some bands on board, these groups are hired by the sponsors of the floats. The staff of the NYC Village Halloween Parade has nothing to do with the decisions of the sponsors. Same goes for the after-party at Webster Hall. That's not our deal. We are looking for performers just for the parade itself. Performers on their feet with instruments in their hands, that play acoustically and as loud as possible for the greatest enjoyment of the most people.

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